This was such a chill place

So just yesterday night, Tuesday, that is, a couple of friends and I headed down to Das Edelweiss. This was my first time witnessing Jazz music live, and let me just say that I was completely blown away.

The band. Was. So. Good. Sadly, I can’t seem to find the name of the band, but they play there regularly from what I understand. Imagine being in a bar that’s dimly lit in the back, and the warm glow of the spotlight on the band in front. You first hear the slight staccato sound of the piano keys being played, coupled with the deep bass of the cello. Soon after, acoustic guitar strums join in and it all melts into a single melody. And just as you think that the uneven rhythm couldn’t get any better, the high snare kicks in, and the drummer goes all in, and you hear the sickest beats ever.

Really, I was most impressed by the drums. The beats were insane and how he kept to the timing… I will never know.

Entry is 5 Euros, and I guarantee it’ll be one of the best entry covers you’ll ever pay.

P.S. No, this is not sponsored, I just had a really good time 😉


Person playing piano under a mirror ball
Person playing piano under a mirror ball© Candice

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Statue in the courtyard of the Veste Coburg. © Sophie Nagel
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