Hidden Gems in Berlin? Definitely yes, please!

Teufelsberg in my opinion, is one of the best places in Berlin to visit. Being addicted to visiting old buildings/structures and hiking, this place made for the perfect visit! With great weather on our side, albeit slightly too hot for hiking (but I mean, there’s sun, I’m really not complaining), we headed to Teufelsberg and Drachenberg on a Saturday afternoon.

The best way to get there would be to take the S-Bahn to Messe Nord/ICC station, and from there, take M49 or 281 to the station Mohrunger Allee and walk in. The walk in allows you to pass through Drachenberg, and takes around 30-40 minutes to reach Teufelsberg. It was a really pleasant hike because there is lots of greenery! Alternatively, you could also ride a bike in.

Teufelsberg used to be an old spy station used during the cold war, and its remains today are covered in beautiful graffiti. They also have local art exhibitions within the area, and there are stores which sell drinks and refreshments. It was really cool to see the graffiti all over, and I think it changes from time to time because some were dated ‚2018‘, which means that it was only graffiti-ed just this year.

Sad to say that the main building of Teufelsberg was closed when we were there, however, there is still lots of graffiti to be explored, and apart from the graffiti, they also had a exhibition titled ‚2009: Fall der Mauer‘. This exhibition comprised of graffiti-ed „walls“ that were made out of Styrofoam and wood, and you could move them around! It was pretty meaningful, because it represented Berlin’s history through such an artsy way.

We spent a few hours just chilling in the sun (pretty ironic), and then we headed back down. And we were in for the best surprise. We climbed to the peak of Drachenberg and this awaited us:

View into the greenery
View into the greenery© Candice

Definitely one of the best Saturdays I’ve had in Berlin thus far. I don’t have much left, so this was really special!

Another thing would to definitely bring water along! It gets quite warm while hiking, so its good to stay hydrated. You could also pack a lunch along because there are benches and chairs to chill and have a picnic – or sitting on the ground works too, if you wish!

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