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Hello Giessen!


My name is Katarina and I am currently attending a summer school in Giessen. I will be learning German language for one month, in September of 2019.

Giessen is a small city in the western part of Germany, approximately one hour from Frankfurt. It has two very important universities – JLU and THM. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that almost one third of its population are students.  It is a very popular destination for exchange students as well. Number of people decide to study for a semester in this city, and most of them do not speak German. Luckily, summer courses are available for them, as well as for people who would like to improve their already existing knowledge during this 30 days period.

While receiving important information about the course and the city itself, yet another girl has approached and I have made my first friendships in Giessen.

Katarina Topalović


On a rainy Thursday afternoon my bus arrived to Giessen. As I made my way through other students leaving the bus in Giessen, I headed straight to the main train station to meet our student mentors. I spotted them immediately and approached them. One more girl was there and she seemed familiar. Fun fact: That girl had been sitting next to me in the bus going to Giessen for 5 hours.

While receiving important information about the course and the city itself, yet another girl has approached and I have made my first friendships in Giessen.

We were driven to our dormitories and explained everything we wanted to know. After a long journey I was finally able to relax alone in my room and prepare for the next big day.

A platform at Giessen station, It is raining heavily from the roof
Nice and welcoming weather on the day of my arrival@Katarina Topalović


Is there a better way to celebrate your birthday than a German entrance exam?? For sure yes. Although I have to admit this was an especially unique way. After the exam, for the first time we finally met all together in a cafeteria. I was amazed by the variety of nationalities learning German in Giessen. I could not hide my joy when I was shaking hands with continents. Soon after, we had a planned lunch in student’s restaurant – mensaFun fact: Mensa looked like an airport.

Friday evening – an organised barbecue and drinks for great welcoming. For a moment I forgot that we are in Germany for studying purposes.

A plate with a sausage and a roll is placed on a table. Two glasses of beer are placed behind the plate
Barbecue@ Katarina Topalović


Let’s get to know Giessen! On a sunny Saturday we were divided into teams and given tasks. The tasks included visiting Giessen’s landmarks and important buildings and also being creative. Luckily, the city is not big so around 90 minutes later we finished our tasks. Fun fact: My team won the first prize.

A huge church in front of a blue sky
Detail from our city tour@Katarina Topalović


The first day off. I had decided to spend my wisely and visit Mathematikum. Mathematikum is a museum of science with a number of hands-on exibits. It included puzzles, optical illusions, deciphering… Time and money very well invested, I must say.

After these four beautiful days in Giessen I am looking forward to experiencing a student life in one of the best cities for students in Germany!

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