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Thoughts of a christmas fairy light

A poem

I am not always there in people’s sight

They just take me out once per year, in order to let me shine

It is not something sad, I am sure it is not

Once per year, a real chance to be bright.


I am a christmas fairy light on the street

I do aware that I am not as bright as the sun, the moon, the street lamps, in any kind

But I am still there, once per year

Just to be a little twinkle, be one of a kind.



Because even though I can not shine so bright, I still do with happiness and also by

The purest joy in children’s eyes and the fond memories in the elderly’s smiles

Even though I can not shine so bright, I am proud to be just a little fairy light.

View of a store decorated for Christmas in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Study in Germany gives you the chance to easily travel to other European countries during holiday. I took this picture during Christmas and New Year’s Eve break in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.© DAAD/ Anh-Hoang Open fig caption


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