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A Great Start of the Summer Course in Bremen

In 2018 the summer courses at Hochschule Bremen took place from the 8th of July to the 2nd of August. This year was special for the summer school as they celebrated their 30th anniversary.  I was happy to be a part of their celebration. In this blogpost I will share my first impressions and experience that I had during the first week of my stay in Bremen.

The first day of the summer course was full of surprises! 

After a tiring flight from Armenia to Germany, I finally met the summer school team who had prepared a pleasant surprise for me. As it was my birthday, the summer school team greeted me with a “happy birthday” song and gave me a lovely present.

The next day we had a test. You will never believe this but the test was so much FUN! What I liked about it is that it only contained texts related to Bremen. Besides completing the test, we gained some pieces of information about the history, beautiful sights and means of public transport in Bremen. The information was quite important, especially when it came to the latter.  

 Cycling is the most popular mode of transport in Bremen. It seems that the locals feel special connection with their bikes. The absence of hills and the abundance of parks and green spaces make the city the ideal place for cycling. In fact, there are more cycle paths in Bremen than in most other cities in the country. At first I was a bit confused to see so many bikes everywhere. Moreover, I sometimes forgot that the red paths are only for bikes and crossed them several times. Gradually getting used to the bikes and their paths, I started enjoying this unusual but warm atmosphere of the streets. 

The first week in the bike city gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with new awesome people from all over the world, explore the city sights (which I will show you in the next week’s blog) and with a great enthusiasm wait for the new events and interactive classes. 

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