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About three years ago I decided to study in Germany and I started doing all the selection process by the ‘German book’. I learned German in a well-known institution you may know -Goethe Institut- and graduated from a German institution and its course for International Students – Studienkolleg- .That means that I received a higher education certificate from the German authorities called -Allgemeine Hochschulreife- after writing three 4-hour-long exams and demonstrating my oral literature analysis skills in German Literature. How do they call the examination process mentioned above? – DIE  FESTSTELLUNGSPRÜFUNG.

But do not worry about that now. Let’s focus on the Application -DIE BEWERBUNG-

If you are Intermediate in German [B2]  + international student and you have not studied in a higher education institution in your home country, you are able to apply for the so-called STUDIENKOLLEG.

But how? The German application/educational system is sort of a maze but If you follow the indications below you may succeed.


People sitting on desks in front of a blackboard
People sitting on desks in front of a blackboard© Andres

Here is the ‘Step by Step’ :

I- Inform yourself about your desired Studienkolleg(s) -those who offer your desired Studienkolleg course-

II- Submit your application for a Studienkolleg [Each Studienkolleg has a different application process]

    – wether via Uni-Assist

    –  or via Mail/E-mail

III- Wait for the invitation letter for the entrance exam  -AUFNAHMETEST-

IV- Prepare yourself for the exam.

V- If you have passed the exam you have already a free preparation course for the University in Germany!

Good luck!


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Sir I need a visa for Germany so tell how to reach Thanku

written by Mehtab created on

Hi Mehtab, The Study in Germany team is not responsible for visa regulations, but we hope that the following information will help you. Some international students require an entry visa for Germany depending on where they come from and how long they plan to stay. You will find general information on visas and residence permits on our website 👉 https://www.study-in-germany.de/en/plan-your-studies/requirements/visa_26604.php. For more information about visa requirements, contact the German embassy or German consulate in your home country. On the website of the German Federal Foreign Office you can find the addresses of German diplomatic missions abroad 👉 http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/EN/AAmt/Auslandsvertretungen/Uebersicht_node.html. On the website of the German Federal Foreign Office you can view the most recent visa requirements for all countries 👉 https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/einreiseundaufenthalt/visabestimmungen-node. If you have any further questions, please contact us by email using our contact form 👉 https://www.study-in-germany.de/en/get-in-touch/contact/. Best wishes, Your Study in Germany-Team 👋🇩🇪

written by Redaktion created on

Dear Sir/Madam My name is Daniel Otieno Kidew.Am from Kenya But living in the UAE Dubai,I studied Deutsch at Goethe Institute in Nairobi both A1,A2 and part of B1,I can communicate,have been trying to get schools in Germany where I can progress with my German language skills and then enroll in a school,I have an advance certificate In Automotive mechanics,am seeking for your guidance how I can apply for Academic grant. Waiting for your response, Thanks, Daniel Otieno

written by Daniel Otieno Kidew created on

Hi Daniel, to get started, take a look at the My GUIDE page: https://www.myguide.de/en/ - there you will find a lot of information on various subjects that you can study in Germany. If you have general questions, you will most likely find an answer in our guideline on: www.study-in-germany.de/en/plan-your-studies/steps/. Information on DAAD scholarships as well as information on scholarship programmes by other organisations can be found at: www.funding-guide.de. Scholarships differ depending on country of origin and subject area. Moreover, these scholarships have special application requirements. Please read further details relevant to your country in the respective scholarship description. Please note, however, that there are very few scholarships for undergraduate study programmes in Germany. Best wishes, Your SiG-Team 👋🇩🇪

written by Redaktion created on

How did your process with Uni-Assist work? The University I'd like to study at says I have to apply over Uni-Assist and after the second year of finally getting everything together and trying to apply, I've recieved another Ablehnung from Uni-Assist, on the grounds that I need to study at a Studienkolleg... which is what I'm trying to do. Is there something specific you have to click on or mark saying that you want to attend Studienkolleg or is it just managing to apply within the right time period? Also did you have a great experience with Uni-Assist? I've been attempting to call for over a week now and have called probably over 2.000 times and its just "Leitung belegt" every single time. So frustrating.

written by C created on

Hi, we're sorry you had this experience! The poor accessibility could be due to the fact that it is currently vacation time. Due to Corona, people in Germany are currently working a lot from their homes, too. At Uni-Assist, inquiries are currently only answered by email or telephone. Have you already looked at this page: https://my.uni-assist.de/hilfe ? In some German federal states, you apply directly to the relevant Studienkolleg; in other states, you apply via the universities' International Offices or uni-assist. In most cases, applications for preparatory courses are made via the universities. It is therefore advisable to contact the university you wish to apply to regarding the application process. Study-in-Germany.de is not an agency or advising service, and that’s why we cannot offer you any direct help. However, if you have general questions or want to be pointed in the right direction, please feel free to contact one of the DAAD offices all around the world: www.daad.de/local. Good luck and best wishes, Your Study in Germany Team

written by Redaktion created on

Epale Andres, Me invitaron a tomar el Aufnahmetest en Konstanz. Me puede decir que tal es el test y como me preparo para el. Gracias. María Adelaida

written by Maria Topel created on

Thanks for this information but it's confusing. Please can you kindly help me through how to get a scholarship to study in Germany. Thanks. I anticipate your response soon

written by Ezike Laurina created on

Hi Ezike, You can find scholarships for master’s degree students on the DAAD Scholarship Database: www.funding-guide.de The application requirements are listed in the respective description. If your school-leaving certificate is not recognised in Germany, you can still study at a German university by participating in a “Studienkolleg” (foundation course). Good German language skills are required. To gain admission to a foundation course, you must first pass an entrance examination. Participation in the course is usually free of charge. Foundation courses take one year to complete and end with the “Feststellungsprüfung” (university qualification assessment examination). On our website you can find more information on foundation courses https://www.study-in.de/en/plan-your-studies/prep-courses-and-foundation-courses_28537.php Best wishes, your Study in Germany Team

written by Redaktion created on

study visa

written by sajid ali created on

Wow, Really this blog is very helpful for those students, who want to study in Germany University. I also got a lot of information about education policy in Germany. Thanks for sharing such kind of information with us. For more information about the study in Germany Please visit https://www.sopedits.com/study-in-germany

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