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Hochschule Update

I am writing today, a Thursday afternoon, due to the fact that we don’t have classes on Thursdays during our first Semester of the Hochschule Mainz. The reason being is that Thursdays are meant to be ‘project days’ in which the students of the Hochschule work on creative tasks and projects. The Professors of the HS give us a deadline for the previously mentioned artworks.

Hello @germanizers!

Some of the creative tasks that we have done so far are these ones:

1- Design a poster using Illustrator.

2- Create a short animation for our first animation course.

3- Design a cd cover with a series of themes provided by the Professors

4-Create a photo series of Mainz.

Besides the creative projects we are encouraged to create an exposition of the artworks produced within the first semester in the Hochschule, this ceremony is called ‘Werkschau’. That means that we are going to conceptualise a theme for the exposition so that this event can be held. The Marketing and Advertisement of the exposition will help raise funds for the University and raise awareness of the event so that we are able to greet tons of guests on the day of the exposition.

What’s happening right now and what happened already?

– We have met many of our tutors and professors.

– There was  a huge party in Mainz called SÖF, which means Semestereröffnungsfete

-A Design Market took place in Mainz last week.

I am also looking forward to create private projects for my Media Design Portfolio. In order to do that I am going to buy diverse materials and scout different locations for videography and photography projects.

Here is my first animation for the animation course  :

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