Back to school!

Meeting new classmates, diving into new classes, and of course, making new friends – these are the things I’ve been eagerly anticipating. But before I embark on my educational journey, let me offer you a sneak peek into what Umwelt Campus Birkenfeld (UCB) had in store for its Flying Days!

The UCB Flying Days took place from October 4th to 6th 2023. These introductory days served as a warm welcome program for all students at UCB, offering valuable information and engaging activities.

The event kicked off with all students gathering at the Communication Building (KG) to meet their fellow classmates. Each group was assigned a moderator or senior student who would guide them on a campus tour. As a sweet welcome gesture, everyone received a welcome bag filled with essentials like notebooks, pens, and food vouchers.

During these days, the examination offices and contact persons were highlighted, providing students with valuable insights on where to go for various concerns or inquiries.

What makes the Flying Days even more exciting is the array of activities and workshops available to students. From cooking lessons and sports activities to crash courses in Chemistry and an overview of Circular Community, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy.

To wrap up these outstanding days, the annual tree planting activity took place on the final day of the Flying Days, fostering a sense of unity and environmental responsibility.

Planted tree in UCB for 2023
Planted tree in UCB for 2023© Rainer

And, of course, no celebration is complete without a grill party, bringing together students for a delightful end to the event.

Grill Party Gathering
Grill Party Gathering© Rainer

Returning to school never felt so invigorating, and with events like UCB’s Flying Days, it’s clear that the journey ahead is going to be an exciting and enriching one.

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