Living and studying in Germany 

Finding schools or universities in a foreign country was a bit tiresome as you tried to email all your prospects to know the detailed guidelines on how to become an international student. Thanks to the DAAD website as it helps ease the gathering information. Their website will help you tailored your searches, be it in your chosen study program and/or the degree you like to apply.

What comes more difficult, was to find some kababayan (a Filipino word for countrymen) in your prospect school or university.

As I enrolled in Trier University of Applied Sciences – Umwelt Campus Birkenfeld, never did I imagine that I will meet these beautiful and good hearted kababayan of mine. Approximately 2,100+ students and we were only three (3) Filipinos studying in the campus. Hoping and praying that we will increase in numbers by this coming semester.

I vividly remember, it was my second day in Germany when I met Klaudine, as I was surprised, that she was my classmate and enrolled on the same study program with me. On that same day, I met Jayson as he entered the Mensa (school cafeteria) and had his lunch. The three of us decided to have a walk and get to know each other well.

Living in a foreign country is quite challenging, as Germany was my third country to live with.

Moreover, studying in Germany which education system is impressive and recognized in the world.

So, it is better to have kababayan to share your sentiments and struggles in your day to day lives while living and studying in Germany or in other foreign country.

If you will be asking me, what are the good thing about having kababayan on the campus?

Filipino students in the library
Rainer is in the library with his fellow students, who are also Filipino© Rainer

The first good thing about having them in the campus, is you have an instant study buddy.

As an international student, you will be surprised and amazed on how the education system is different from my country, be it in pedagogical strategies and the course subjects.

Your kababayan will help you understand the lesson, and able to form a study buddy group. It will be easy for everyone to speak the same language while you are having the tutorials on your lessons.

Three friends sitting on the table at the lake.
During the break, Rainer is at a small lake with his fellow students, who are also Filipino.© Rainer

The second, will be sharing Filipino food with each other.

While residing overseas, it is seldom that you can see a Filipino restaurant or even eat a Filipino cuisine. I can attest that the best food that we can brag to our friends and other people is the food that we grew up with. Be it a simple Adobo or Sinigang (Filipino dishes), it will always come first among others.

Thus, it is easy to share food with them, and able also to taste their specialties. They will help ease your cravings as they will share their food with you.

Three people in the bedroom smiling on the lens
Rainer and his Filipino friends also spend their free time together at home.© Rainer

Lastly, immediate friendship and support system.

Friendship will be built easily as you support and console one another. Whenever you are happy and/or down, they are the one who will give you a helping hand and words of enlightenment.

It will always be a great feeling to have your fellow kababayan in the campus or in the place where you live, and it feels that they are your family already.

So, those are the few good things having Filipino students in my campus. What are your stories with your fellow countrymen abroad?

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