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Schloss Ortenberg

A 20-minute bike ride away from Offenburg is the refreshing Ortenberg, a municipality in Ortenau. And it is even more refreshing in the cool evening breeze.

Views from Ortenberg Castle
Views from Ortenberg Castle© Rumeng Open fig caption

Day Trip to Ortenberg Castle

My friends and I cycled up the hills in the evening, when the weather was rather comfortable, to arrive at the Ortenberg Castle which has a history dating back to the 11th or 12th century and was built to protect the Kinzig Valley. It’s now a youth hostel, but still a very gorgeous and relaxing place to be. There are lots of benches and the view from the top is gorgeous!

We were really lucky because we were not just in time for the gorgeous view but also the lovely live music. It started to get a bit windy and rainy but that just made the weather even more mesmerizing, especially after days of intense heat. ☁️ 🌧🌩

Riding down hill was lots of fun, and we rode through patches of grape vines and plum trees – I love that about little towns, there is always so much nature and greenery.🍇🥑🥑


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