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I stumbled upon Durbach on my way to the hospital. Apparently I had gotten onto the wrong bus and it took me to a completely different direction which caused me to be late for my appointment but it was all well worth it because the scenery was just breathtaking. Durbach is a municipality in the district of Ortenau in Baden-Württemberg, just a few kilometers north east of Offenburg. It was just the start of spring and end of winter when I was first there. The region was completely surrounded by hills and in that time of the season it just looked great! 🏞

It is also a great hiking spot, if you are into that, with the castle Schloss Staufenberg at the peak. The castle itself wasn’t quite so magnificent, but if I remember correctly there was a restaurant and a chocolaterie in it. I very much wanted to go to the chocolaterie but I had to catch the last bus back to Offenburg and therefore did not have time to do so. But I am definitely going to visit again during my summer vacation – it will be just the perfect weather for a day out in the beautiful region! ☀️🌿🌷


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