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Never wanted a summer break not to end so bad, so I could put off big tasks and decisions for a little bit longer. Nevertheless semester 3 still started just when it had to.

I didn’t have time to do any serious back-to-school shopping, just the necessities i.e. a new pink scrap book, a pair of much-wanted pink converse and a few Forever21 items to finish off.

First day of school was as lovely as it could get – Fun company, presents, food! And the fact that I sat through a 90 minute class without a swipe on my phone.

As a third semester student, if there’s anything I could give as advice to the freshmen year students who are just embarking on their study abroad journey it’d probably be this: Don’t fuss over adjustments. Go out and experience everything. Enjoy yourself. Ignore everything that bothers you – it only bothers you because you let it – Look at and take in everything that pleases you because it’s there even in the worst situations.

It’s normal to miss home – but don’t forget, most of us aren’t going to stay abroad forever, and will return home upon graduating – and that day will come sooner than you think. So while you’re here, on the journey you worked so hard to experience,  ENJOY EVERYTHING about this beautiful and different country.

One of the reasons I wanted to slow down the summer break so much was because it just hit me that I have just one year left and time has passed so fast. As much as I am happy and excited about returning to family and home, I will miss this place just as much.

As a third semester student, if there’s anything I could give as advice to students who are thinking of studying abroad it’d probably be this: Choose your school carefully. Studying abroad is tempting and if you think you will get the same experience out of any school abroad, you are wrong. Pick your school carefully – get as much information on it as possible, through it’s website, through facebook, through people, through students..anything. Choose your study program carefully – a university course is not easy, but it is ten times more difficult and stressful if you happen to choose a subject that is just not for you (more often than not, you know exactly what is not right for you). Two years is not long but it isn’t short either, it makes more sense to study something you enjoy and are passionate about.

At the end of the day, choosing to study in Germany is easily one of the best decisions I’ve made and is always going to be the most magical memory. There are some things in life you have to experience for yourself to understand – every child needs to study abroad once. It’s such a growing and eye-opening experience and teaches you so many things about yourself.

Germany has been so kind and beautiful, I will always have nice things to say about it and recommend it to everyone. (Whether or not I will do the same for the university and program I enrolled in is an entirely different story… and that is as much as I would say.😉)

❤️ Happy Semester III ❤️

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