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Autumn again

My favourite days were those when the sun would set at 9 or 10pm, contrary to how it is nowadays. The sun setting at 5pm is really a special kind of depressing.

Autumn this year feels a lot more autumny than last year – a lot more golden leaves, a breeze of cool air, a cloud of thick fog, and grounds that are always wet early in the morning. Funny how all that gives this season a bit of a sad touch – sad and beautiful.

One year later, my favourite street to be at in autumn (in all seasons) is still Weingartenstrasse. And I think I know why – this street has the look and feel of a path in just about any Chinese university and it brings back beautiful memories.

My internship ended on a chilly Friday evening and the next day I had the honour to have all my friends come over to celebrate with me. We had decided to cook up a traditional Pakistani dish “Aloo Keema” which I haven’t had in a long while and yearned for. Not that I was any cook, but I had a great one amongst my friends.


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Dinner Preparations© Rumeng

I bought all the ingredients that were mentioned in the receipe, chopped them up accordingly and our great cook was so kind to spin up a super delicious dinner from the raw ingredients in no time.

I had a great time and am very grateful for everyone taking out the precious time to come over, not to mention in the freezing cold.❤️

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