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My name is Rumeng He and I am half Chinese/half Pakistani. I grew up in the capital of China and studied in an international school with students from over 50 countries for thirteen years. I then travelled to Pakistan where I did my A-levels. For undergraduate school I decided to join the Australian James Cook University’s Information Technology program. Whereas, for my first M.Sc. program I joined a higher education institution in Lahore. Being immersed in a multi-cultured environment since a very young age has made me fall in love with diversity. Wherever I go I always leave with the sweetest memories and the fondest friends. Now I am ready to embark on my next journey – a master’s program in Communication and Media Engineering at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, awarded by the DAAD as one of the best international master’s degree programs in Germany. Here, I am all set to embrace a whole new experience and collect memories and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Hello Germany!

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