Tables on the outdoor terrace of a university canteen in the rain
Tables on the outdoor terrace of a university canteen in the rain© Rumeng

A big shout out to the people who were nice to me along the way.

This week’s blog is to remind myself of how grateful I am to every single person who have been kind to me and made my year abroad so much easier and meaningful.

To the friend who rode back in the pouring rain after school because he gave his umbrella to me.☂️☔️☔️

To the friends who’d walk me back home when it got dark.💫🌛 To the friend who was on a clock and had to get back as early as possible, but still walked me back home because the gentleman in him just couldn’t let me walk back in the dark by myself. To that other friend who’s home was in the opposite direction, who was really sleepy at that hour😴, but still insisted on walking me back. Know that you’re all amazing guys and incredible gentlemen and I really appreciate it.♡

To the friends who know I’m a pathetic cook and a lazy person, (was a pathetic cook. I’ve gotten much much much much better at it) and would make me lunch boxes filled with the food that they’d cooked themselves.🍱 Those home-made lunchboxes were such a pleasant change from the processed food that I’d eat all the time.

To the friends who’d drop by my place when I was sick and bring me medicine. And tell me when and how and how many tablets to take. Being sick is never easy, but those sweet little gestures really brightened up my gloomy day.🌷🌼 🌻

To the friend who’s outfit styles I admire very much. Thank you so much for those generous little compliments on my outfit choices!👗👚👒👠👜 A girl could always use a kind compliment! 😍

Before Semester-II started, I wondered what this semester had in store for me. Now that it is almost over, looking back, I can say I learnt a lot and grew a lot. It was another crazy stressful semester, but I think I will leave that for next week’s blog.

This week I just want to say Danke Schön, for another great and memorable semester abroad.😘🧡


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