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Lake Constance

Lake Constance borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland and runs 63km. Konstanz is a city on this lake and was also the first stop of our field trip this weekend.

Female student in front of waterfront
Female student in front of waterfront - #Lake Constance #Konstanz© Rumeng Open fig caption

The Journey

Offenburg to Konstanz was a 2hr+ journey by train and we set off at 9am. The lake was just breathtaking and beautiful. We had a tour guide give us a tour of the city which took about an hour or a little more but because we were on a clock we couldn’t explore more of the city.

However, we spent a considerable amount of time on the lake itself and also boarded a ship that would take us to Friedrichshafen, a city on the shore of Lake Constance. This journey was amazing!! Especially for me, considering the fact that the last time I boarded a ship was when I was a little kid and I have always wanted to get on a ship again. Except feeling a tiny bit nauseous towards the end, the ship ride was extremely smooth and lots of lots of fun.

I found Friedrichshafen a lot more beautiful and attractive than Konstanz. There was a viewing tower on the lake’s pier and one could get a really gorgeous view of the entire city. I guess our trip was more about enjoying Lake Constance than exploring the two cities and we definitely had a great time doing just that.

Also at some point, our smartphones went into roaming mode and we got a “Welcome to Switzerland” SMS, which was pretty cool knowing I was that close to Switzerland. xD



Hi good article and that the lake constance is fun i can confirm. I will link to it from the platform Best Christian

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Thank you for your very kind comment! :)

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