Cafe terrace with a nview of surrounding buildings
Cafe terrace with a nview of surrounding buildings© Pilar

My top 5 cafés

For me, one of the best ways to get to know a city is by exploring the coffee that they have to offer. Wherever I travel, it’s the first thing I look for and it’s one of the most interesting ways to experience local food, as well as better understand the local culture. Not to mention that coffee shops are great places to socialize, to study, and are wonderful places to warm up on colder days.

As a coffee lover myself, my caffeine adventures would be no different in Berlin, and so already on my first days I began to explore some of the excellent options for a warm cup of coffee. One thing I can tell you is that if you, like me, enjoy your daily coffee, Berlin will not disappoint you! Read below five of my top picks:


The Barn

This café is definitely a combination of good coffee with a view. The Barn at Café Kranzler offers great coffee options, cakes and sweets. All with a gorgeous view of the city from it’s round-shaped architecture, specially from it’s balcony seats with unique red and white canopy. It really is a place to put on your check-list!

Father Carpenter

If you go to Father Carpenter on a sunny day, like I did, the tables outside may be quite crowded. However, it is definitely worth the wait to have your coffee outside, where you have a view of the beautiful building it is located in. This café not only offers great coffee, but also sandwiches, lunch, cakes, and desserts. Not to mention many vegetarian/vegan options!

Five Elephant

Five Elephant in Kreuzberg is a great option in a really cool neighborhood. Whether you choose to sit outside by the trees, or inside with it’s interesting design and world maps on the walls, this place is definitely worth dropping by. You’ll have a hard time choosing which pie/cake to accompany your coffee, as they have so many delicious options. I had a slice of the cheesecake with my coffee and it was amazing.

The Digital Eatery

If your looking for a good place to have coffee and study, this café is an excellent option. This wasn’t on my “to go” list but I stumbled upon it while walking around the city and was so glad to have found it! The Digital Eatery is in fact a Microsoft café, located just downstairs of the Microsoft building in Berlin. Inside, you will find a very cool designed café, with a menu that includes coffee, beers, sandwiches, lunch, snacks and desserts. Technology is everywhere in this café and you’ll find areas to play videogames, to have meetings, areas where you can see some of the latest Microsoft technology, and there’s even a room at the back where they organize workshops. This café is definitely worth the visit.

Böse Buben Bar

If you want to go somewhere off of the third wave coffee list, this is the place to go! Böse Buben Bar is a café/bar, with a very cool décor filled with books. This spot was recommended by a friend who has lived in Berlin for a few years, and was a great option to chat between friends, specially since we couldn’t decide whether to get coffee or a beer. Whether you’re looking for a café, or a bar, or both, this is a place not to miss.

Table with coffee in a cafe with bohemian style
Table with coffee in a cafe with bohemian style© Pilar

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Wow! Great... When i was reading this, i just imagined all the things and places u wrote.i wish,i could go there. Thank you very much for making people inspired by writing such kind of things .

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