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Der Erste Mai

First of May

In Germany, as it is with many other countries, including Singapore, this day is held in celebration for workers.

But the difference as to how this day is spent in Germany rather than in Singapore is huge. As the afternoon rolled around, a couple of friends and I headed down to Hallesches Tor, and from there, indulged ourselves in the crowd as we walked towards Görlitzer Park. This was rad – people were everywhere! Food and drinks were being sold along the street, the beats and tunes of different music played around every corner. It was amazing.

And the best part was that the sun was out! We saw so many musicians, and music ranged from dub-step to indie to rock to techno – whatever you wanted, Berlin had to offer. Eventually, we found ourselves crossing the bridge over to Görlitzer Park.

Görlitzer Park

There were so. Many. People. But we eventually made it across to this crazy open air party by Berghain. It was so chill to listen to good techno, and have so many people in the same place who all just want to have fun. The vibes were great – it was such a genuine crowd, perfect day to enjoy the sun a few beers.

More amazing because there were people partying on trees, disco balls, rubber ducks and whatever other props all around. 

Berlin, you are so cool.

We eventually ended the day sitting in the park with more beer, soaking in the rest of the sun. Incredibly relaxing, despite the numerous people around. I can’t wait for the next Feiertag!


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