That’s the name of the place if you’re up for fancy, ear satisfying notes that are bound to leave you enchanted and awestruck.

It was a very impromptu plan to go to this concert, we decided only 2 hours before it started. It was quite funny really, we rushed from our university (FU Berlin) at 7pm, with only an hour on hand to get there, purchase our tickets, and get into the concert hall.

Even funnier? We got lost. We alighted at the wrong bus stop, and had to walk twenty minutes through the Tiergarten. It was uncalled for, but a pleasant surprise because it felt refreshing to be surrounded by such lush greenery. It felt kind of like a scene from the Hundred Acre Woods, if anyone gets the Winnie the Pooh reference 😉


A path through trees - Berlin Forest
A path through trees - Berlin Forest © Candice

Well, we made it in the end, albeit slightly late. The great thing about watching a classical concert as a student is that you get student discounts! So we paid 15 Euros each for a 2 hour concert – really worth it. The concert was amazing, and there was also singing, which I didn’t expect, but was really good. The acoustics of the concert hall was also really nice and the way the harmonies from the orchestra and the voices of the singers blended together was simply a magical experience.

Another thing that left me in amazement was the fact that the orchestra played non-stop for nearly an hour after the intermission. It a wonder how one can do that, much less an orchestra, without any mistakes. That must have required countless hours of practice and of course, talent.

I hope to go to more classical concerts here, and definitely go for one should you be in Berlin!


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Duisburg-North Landscape Park. © Bastian Rothe / DAAD
Duisburg-North Landscape Park. © Bastian Rothe / DAAD© Bastian Rothe / DAAD
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