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Which advantages do you have if you study in Germany?

In this blog post, I would like to tell you about the benefits you have if you choose to study here. Btw, I am studying at the University of Lübeck. And the following advantages may be different to other universities in Germany.

As you probably know that you have to pay for each semester, a semester contribution.

After your university received the contribution, you can order a semester ticket which you can use to go by means of transport e.g. bus, train in your city where you study. In addition, you can use the computer room to print your lecture notes or other paper you need. So you have in each semester a destined count of paper you can copy there. This may be handled different at each university. 

For each university, there is a website or app which there is your course and when you are enrolled at the university. You will get a matriculation number and a password. Thereby you log in there, so you can take a look at your next lecture one day before, and you can prepare for it in advance, for example you can download this on your laptop and print it. In some universities, you can watch the recording of certain lectures comfortably at home any time you want. 

Additionally, you can borrow literature or books you need for your study for free from your university library. So you have a deadline to give this back, but you can extend the deadline of course. What I actually find very good, that you can learn there, because there is a quiet atmosphere for learning, and it gives you motivation when you see other students learn too.

You have as well the chance to finance your study, for example you make an application for Bafög. The Abbreviation indicates that you can receive a student loan, or you apply for a studentship. If you want to have more information about that, you should ask your student’s service at your university. 

Nachos with cheese sauce in the cinema
Nachos with cheese sauce in the cinema© Douaa

In your everyday life you have the probability to get student discounts in some clothes stores, cosmetics shops etc.

You can find out about it when you go shopping, when you ask there. The highlights of your free time would be maybe with your fellow students in the cinema or in the swimming pool, so you also receive discounts there. And If you prefer to go the museum, theater or opera you become a special ticket for more convenient price, because you are a student. 

I personally find studying in Germany very well and the student life is very interesting and is never monotonous here. Each semester is special, so I can say I am happy to study here. And I think thereby that you often win new power to make your dreams true.

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Testimonial Douaa from Syria in front of yellow background
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