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Let’s go to a short trip in the nursing internship!

The photo shows a clipboard, a teddy bear and a blood pressure monitor.
Instead of a person a teddy bear to measure the blood pressure, a blood glucose meter and some healthy food for good health.© Douaa Open fig caption

If you want to study medicine in Germany, you should know that you have to do a nursing internship in a hospital for three months.  It’s a basic requirement to permission for the first state exam. This exam will be written after the fourth semester. In this internship you will be become an overview in the hospital life, and you will learn some nursing skills like measuring blood pressure etc. 

Firstly, it’s your choice if you do the internship complete or separate, but you always have to do one month minimum. You can do it before you start your study or in the semester break. It’s advisable to do it before because you can relax in your semester break, and you can learn what you missed in the last semester. Don’t worry, you just do it when you can to write the first state exam. 

So you have to apply for an internship place in a hospital. You need to apply: cover letter, CV and actual certificate of enrollment. You preferably send them three months before the semester ends by mail. Furthermore, you also can apply in every hospital you want in Germany. It’s necessary to know that you should be immune to hepatitis B and mumps to prevention your work colleagues and the patients from particular infections.

From my experience I can tell you that the internship is beneficial because you will find out thereby if this study is for you so you will see patients with different diagnostics. You can imagine it like a garden with a lot of flowers and every flower is individual, so you will learn how you care for patients, how you deal with them and how you can bring a good mood despite illness and pains. I also was very happy because I always got detailed answers to my questions and I learned some new skills. 

My personal advice for you is when you begin your internship, take a small notebook with. It’s very helpful when you write any new word which you probably don’t know what it’s mean, or you hear about diseases and want to read more about that when you are at home. You additionally have always the possibility to ask the doctors or nurse if you have any question, or you don’t know how to do a specific task. So be kind and always ask when you have a question. 


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