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Trying Intercontinental Dishes

Within a nation abundant with people from diverse backgrounds, exploring cuisine from various regions of the world serves as a means to foster integration and connection with individuals of different ethnicities.

Ayo trying to dish food.
Food is everything.© Ayomide

Being raised by a mother who specializes in catering for various events such as weddings, birthdays, and burial ceremonies, I have been exposed to a wide array of Nigerian cuisine. This exposure has fostered a strong enthusiasm within me to explore international dishes as soon as I embarked on my studies in Germany.

However, as a student, frequent dining out to indulge in intercontinental delicacies can be quite costly. To navigate this, I often take advantage of opportunities to socialize with friends or colleagues who share a similar interest in trying new foods. While I have been known to be selective when it comes to my food preferences, I am also very open to experimenting with new flavors. In the worst-case scenario, I may decide not to revisit a particular dish, but at least I am able to contribute to discussions about it, even if it means expressing a negative comment about the food or the restaurant. One of the items on my bucket list is to sample at least one signature dish from each continent worldwide. So far, I have enjoyed several European, African, and Asian dishes. Currently, I am yet to experience the flavors of South American, Middle Eastern (Asian), North American, and Australian cuisines. Who knows, there may even be a distinctive Antarctic dish waiting to be discovered.

I have yet to explore a wide variety of Asian dishes, but based on the few that I have tasted, I must say that Indian cuisine has been my favorite. Unfortunately, I am not particularly adept at remembering the names of dishes, especially if they are not part of my regular culinary repertoire. Please forgive me for not being able to provide specific names of the dishes.

Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy engaging in the preparation of meals that go beyond the typical African cuisine, especially when collaborating with friends from different regions. So far, I have had the opportunity to join a Ukrainian friend in making a traditional Ukrainian dish called „Varenyky.“ Regrettably, I still require close supervision when preparing it. However, the meal turned out to be incredibly delicious, despite my relative unfamiliarity with that particular cuisine. Together, we also ventured into crafting homemade croissants in the classic French style, which turned out wonderfully.

Furthermore, my flatmate shares a keen interest in baking, and I occasionally join him in this delightful pursuit.

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A house in Berlin seen from the street. There are green trees in front of the house, the house itself is entwined with green ivy.
A house in Berlin seen from the street. There are green trees in front of the house, the house itself is entwined with green ivy.© Ayo
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