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About Ayo

Hello there!!! My name is Ayomide but I am usually addressed as Ayo in Germany and Ay in my home country, Nigeria. I have always had nicknames in every stage of my life eg ATM, Papa, etc.

I arrived in Germany on the 2nd of October 2021 as an exchange student but thereafter converted to a full master study programme. Studying in Germany was never on my study-abroad aspirations because I had the opinion that I was not good enough for a country with such top-notch educational standard, but here I am.

I am a lover of nature which made me decide to acquire advanced education in a university that focuses on nature conservation and sustainability. The sight of a green environment keeps me elated and I believe I am in the best destination as a lover of nature.

Meeting people from different continents, cultural and social background, and academic fields has always been my thing. My optimism to certainly learn something new from these people is always on a high level. Touring cities and countries in Europe with friends is another thing I love to do and in the process making new friends. My travels so far have been more academic related, but I have always enjoyed them.

I believe in ceasing every opportunity that comes my way because I have no idea when there would be another; this has kept me moving.

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