It’s been ages since I wrote last… exactly 2 months to be precise.

Work got in the way of me writing, but now that the exams are behind me, it’s time to update my blog. I had a really amazing Christmas and New Year’s so that’s where I would like to pick up from.

First of all, Christmas. This year I got the opportunity to experience Christmas the local way again! I was invited to celebrate Christmas with my landlady and her family and it was lovely! My landlady’s daughter prepared a splendid meal that ended with a delicious home-made dessert. The celebration was accompanied by card games and needless to say a long session of unwrapping gifts. I received a lovely box of chocolates and a sweet make-up kit from my landlady. I really enjoy experiencing festivals the local way and would never want to miss an opportunity to do so.

I had a really amazing Christmas and New Year’s so that’s where I would like to pick up from.

Rumeng He

A collage of 4 pictures showing different Christmas sweets
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Next, New Year’s. Just like last year I was invited to have New Year’s Eve dinner with a very nice member of the senior service who prepared a feast of Raclette for us. We had a lovely time chit-chatting and made a toast of non-alcoholic champagne as the clock struck twelve and the fireworks went off. Not sure why, but New Years no longer excite me like they used to… the year went by so fast and I always just wish it could slow down a bit so I would have time to accomplish just a bit more.

A collage of four pictures showing impressions of the New Years Eve
©Rumeng He

However, once we stepped into 2020, it was as if time went big time for the brakes and decided to slow down if not stop altogether… and I’ve never had a longer January and where a 29–day February would have usually gone by pretty fast… this one was mighty slow. I am pretty sure that has everything to do with all the depressing events that have been happening around the world lately. A lot of people have been saying they wish to just restart 2020… But I think there are big things in store for this year because usually when the start is so bad… the end has to be that good.

This semester was just like what I had wished for – slow and uneventful. It was probably the only one of it’s kind since I started Graduate School. I can’t say yet if I have accomplished all what I wanted to because I am still waiting on the results of a few exams… but I can definitely say I accomplished some things that were really challenging for me, and that I couldn’t imagine myself accomplishing, so I’m quite proud of that. For the next semester, I know exactly how I want to spend it and this time, I really hope it would be the last. It is time to start wrapping things up.♥

Stay tuned 

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You must be close to the end of the semester, now in April. I just wanted to say that you're a good writer and I enjoyed reading your post and your thoughts on how you see studying.

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Oh my God ♥ That's so sweet, Jamie! Thank you very much =)

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