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The Food Chapter

Before I had come to study abroad, I used to hear this little joke about kids who go abroad not knowing a thing about cooking and returning as amazing cooks. Too bad, that doesn’t seem to apply to me. Back home, I used to cook once in a while, and I thought I was okay at it. But now that I have to cook more than “once in a while”, I realize I am actually pretty bad at it.

First homemade meal
First homemade meal© Rumeng Open fig caption

About Food

In my first month in Germany, I can say pretty surely that I used to eat bread and cheese almost all the time! And I had a classmate who said he used to eat cornflakes for the first month. I guess we just weren’t up for grocery shopping or figuring out how the stove and pots worked in that very first month.

After that one of the fastfood restaurants at the city center became my dining room, but the branch at the city center was awfully small and had a really basic menu and I soon got tired of that. After that I moved on to heating up ready made foods in the microwave. And, finally one day I decided to understand the workings of the stove and cooked my first meal.

I use the stove a lot now, but still rarely ever cook from scratch. I normally just cook frozen meat and vegetables because of how quick and easy that is and also they are already seasoned. But like I mentioned before, I have friends who are wonderful cooks! And it is always a great and pleasant change when they come over to cook because I finally get to eat something home made and super tasty! I usually get a hang of what they are doing whilst they’re cooking, but after eating, I just kind of forget the recipe.

Ingredients for meal preparation
Ingredients for meal preparation© Rumeng Open fig caption


Thanks for all of your hard work. —Jessy Heinlein

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Thank you!

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Thank you! ----Claudia .

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Same thing happened with me when my mother went out for few weeks due to office work. That time I didn’t cook and therefore my mom purchase a food processor specially for me with recipe DVD , am not aware about cooking so much but I have to do something in that time then this recipe help me a lot.

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