Lovely day. Great company. Gorgeous city.

There are not many things that can make me want to wake up at 4am in the morning to catch a train, and even fewer people – but my baby brother is definitely one of those people.

Walking out of the Cologne train station to face a huge cathedral was just spectacular and beautiful. To see such a huge crowd of people all of a sudden was pretty unnerving for someone coming from Offenburg, but it didn’t take long before I took it all in and adjusted to it. Something about Cologne felt strangely familiar. Let’s just say that was so relieving – I was always afraid I had gotten so accustomed to the peace and emptiness of Offenburg.


My brother was interested in taking a boat ride on the Rhine and good for us, we were just in time for the last boat tour. The view was breathtaking and the ride much fun.

We had originally planned to climb the Cologne Cathedral’s South Tower which offers a view across the city from a height of approximately 100 meters. But unfortunately, we were both very tired, not from the trip itself, but from the tiring days that we had in the week before. This was a small pity but there is always a next time.

We wrapped up our trip by having another traditional Chinese dish at the restaurant we had lunch at, which turned out to be very delicious once again.

It was such a great day so I can easily overlook the Deutsche Bahn’s 35-minute late train which consequently caused me to miss my other connection. It was the first time I encountered a situation of this kind so it most certainly deserves an honourable mention.


Lovely day. Great company. Gorgeous city. ❤️

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