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It was almost one year that we are dealing with COVID Pandemic. On one side, life is not so easy for everyone during this time but on the opposite side, we all learned many lessons of our life during this time. As always said, it is usual that we all learn from our own mistakes and our own experiences most of the times, rather than getting some advices from someone else, listening to others stories and experiences etc.

Recently, I was sitting and thinking about the lessons I learned especially during this Pandemic. I would like to share few of them through this blog. Also, these are not so unique and difficult lessons that I learnt, but these are very simple but we often miss in our day to day life due to many reasons.

It was almost one year that we are dealing with COVID Pandemic. On one side, life is not so easy for everyone during this time but on the opposite side, we all learned many lessons of our life during this time.


  1. The first very important thing I realized is “INVEST IN YOURSELF”

So, what I actually mean by this: Take time for yourself, may be you can work on some ideas which you are always fascinated about. For me, I learned about my interests a lot especially in the last few months, compared to all the before years. Everyone have their own unique and creative side that they must really work on, which brings them not only happiness but also confidence to develop as a person on the whole, may be as a better communicable person or approachable person or a good speaker or listener etc. So, “GOT FOR IT”!!!! It really doesn’t take a lot of struggle and hard work, but the results are unimaginable.

  1. A very important lesson that almost every one realized would be: “BE ADAPTABLE TO CHANGE”.

Nothing is going to remain the same as you see it at the moment. So, be always ready to change yourself according to what’s going on around you. Changes includes many aspects may be different places/countries, cultures, work places, modes of education, people around you, latest technologies ruling the world or what ever it is. I could think of how working style and the companies changed completely during this pandemic. Though it was not so easy for everyone to quickly adapt to this changed working style, an initial effort and time made this possible today. If you are interested to adapt to changes, I am pretty sure that you would obviously be a better person that you are today!!!

These are 2 major things out of MANY that I have realized which made me a better “ME” than I am before!!

Do comment, what you have learned or worked during the previous months that made you a better “YOU” today than you were before!!!!

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I was surfing the Internet for information and came across your blog. I am impressed by the information you have on this blog. It shows how well you understand this subject.

written by Jack created on

This feedback was really interesting and fun to read , and i rarely read , your ideas refreshed my brain and gave me a motivation to start taking care of my self and also poursuit my studies in Europe . Thank you very much

written by Rahim Zakaria created on

Hi Rahim Zakaria, Thanks for your valuable Feedback and Support. It’s really so encouraging to hear these words from you Best Regards Sreehitha

written by Sreehitha created on

Hey Nice Blog It was really interesting and this blog really helps me keep writing this kind blogs

written by Anjali Sharma created on

Hi Anjali, Thanks a lot for your feedback and response with regard to my Blog. It was really so nice to hear such words Also, I wish you good luck with your Blog too. Regards Sreehitha

written by Sreehitha created on

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