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It was around one month that I hadn’t wrote further in my blog, due to my examinations.

It’s high time I thought of updating my blog with few interesting stories. It was during my initial days in Aachen that I felt very alone without knowing anyone in a new place.  RWTH organized a welcome week to all international students with many events, so that students can get to know about the University and Aachen. It was the best time of my studies, as I got to know many things about how different is living in Germany compared to India and found many friends during this time. I also participated in many events like Sports meet, Three country border trek etc. Events like these help me very much to interact with lot of people, find new friends and explore new places.

Events like these help me very much to interact with lot of people, find new friends and explore new places.


In this blog, I would like to share my experience about

… Three country border trek. It was around 300 students who participated in trek. Three Country Border (Dreiländereck) is the place where Germany, Netherlands and Belgium meet. This point is located in a small city called “Vaals”. We need to walk through mountains and amidst the nature to reach this point.  It is like, if you visit this three-country border, you are also visiting highest peak point in Netherlands.

The trek started with some organizers from university, who guided us the directions till we reached the final destination. Out of the 300 people with whom I started the trek, I hardly knew any during the start. After few minutes, I started hearing a song from my native language and someone humming to that song. Then I Joined those people and gradually we formed a group. Then we had lot of fun, played some songs and the trek became far much easier. Those people whom I met during this trek now became very good friends of mine.

Once we reach the point

… there were flags of three countries and the point with three partitions, representing the directions to Germany, Netherlands and Belgium (where a photo is must  ).

Exactly opposite to this point, there is also a tower from which a beautiful view of  the surrounding areas can be seen. (luckily it was a Sunny day)

A few restaurants and gardens are also there to sit and relax for some time. We ate something over there, took some photographs and then returned back to nearest bus stop, from where we too Bus to Aachen.

I would like to conclude that this place was worth visiting. This was very special trip for me personally as I really got very good friends during this trek and that experience of being in three countries at the same time is really wonderful.

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I love this kind of event! It's a great way to have fun, and of course to make new acquaintances. I really miss it now.

written by Jamie created on

Yes...such kind of events are really great to meet a lot of people and to have fun :)

written by Sreehitha created on

Yes, the trek really helped to find some of the amazing people. The day from then has made our friends batch grew than to shrink.

written by sai created on

Obviously that Trek was one of the unforgettable memories of my life. I couldn't even imagine being here without that <strong>Batch of Friends</strong> :) now

written by Sreehitha created on

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