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My first Christmas in Germany

Since I was a child I have always been very close to my family and loved ones. All holidays and birthdays I was always accompanied by them. My cousins were like my siblings, I come from a relatively large and loving family. One of my biggest fears when I moved to Germany was not being able to get used to be alone, I was used to come home to see my parents and brothers, and in Germany I wasn't gonna be able to have that. So moving to Germany was a strong challenge of personal growing that I needed to achieve if I wanted to survive in a new atmosphere.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree© Nathaly

I arrived in Germany in August, and I had many doubts about what my first Christmas and birthday would be like during those dates. Without some surprise breakfast from my parents, or without a big Christmas dinner like we did at my house.

Surprisingly it was one of my favorites. I was lucky that my mom had Peruvian friends living in Germany, so they invited me to celebrate it with them. They were very kind and excited to welcome me to their home.

As soon as I arrived at their house I felt at home again, the same music, the same language, the same food and above all a lot of togetherness and company. I was in Frankfurt, one of my favorite cities in Germany, the city was decorated everywhere, there was no lack of Christmas music in the stores and the smell of Christmas cookies and chocolate could be felt in the streets. I had the opportunity to visit for the first time the Christmas market, with a cozy atmosphere.

It had some small carousels, many stands where you could find handmade sculptures or handmade gifts like soaps or Christmas decoration. It was also full of snacks stands full of sweets, such as those nice cookies that have phrases on them, warm drinks to help against the cold and some other sweets. It was a very nice experience to be able to feel all that Christmas atmosphere. And of course had the opportunity to try Glühwein for the first time, actually pretty tasty.

Without a doubt the experience may very different from how I expected it, but I could say that in a good way, because even though I had my family and friends far away, the company I had treated me very well, gave me that warmth of Latin America and Germany that I missed so much and I could feel a little bit at home again.

Girl opening a gift
Happy Nathaly opening a gift© Nathaly
Girl surprised
Happy and surprised girl© Nathaly

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