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Easy tips to save your Food Money

As a student, we have to live alone and take on many responsibilities that we may not have before. One of the most important is taking care of our food without leaving our budget. Here I will tell you about some small tips to not overspend money and make the task of groceriy shopping much easier.

Kitchen with food
Kitchen with food© Nathaly
Phone showing a weekly meal plan
Phone showing a weekly meal plan©Nathaly

1. Plan your meals and leave some extra money for the snacks

Personally, planning my meals weekly has gotten me out of different stressful situations, since by knowing what to buy, I can now look for places where I can get the products at more affordable prices and I have more order on my budget plan. I also know that sometimes we just want a snack, even a small one and I think it’s also important to leave some money for yourself. At some point after a tiring day, we crave an ice cream or a sandwich – and it feels so good to indulge.

Fruits and vegetables of a mini market
Fruits and vegetables of a mini market© Nathaly

2. Check the „low priced“ supermarkets

There are supermarkets (more: discounters), which, although they may not have such a variety of products, have just enough to fill your fridge. For example Aldi, Netto, Lidl and among others. A hack is to buy products of the same brand in the supermarket, which are exactly the same as other famous brands, with the only difference that they have more affordable prices. If you want a variety of vegetables, follow my tip: Chinese or Turkish supermarkets are the best, they have a great variety and affordable prices.

All supermarkets have a website, where you can see the different prices and if the products are in stock. Comparing prices is a good option to save money and maybe even find good deals. Some supermarkets even have mobile applications that offer discounts when downloaded.

A Soup
A soup© Nathaly
Avocado© Nathaly

4. Buy seasonal veggies and fruits

Prices decrease when there is enough of the same product, and it is always a good idea to take advantage of freshly picked and regional vegetables and fruits.

Tupper with some nudles and veggies
Tupper with some nudles and veggies© Nathaly

5. Pack your leftovers

If you overcook or feel full, tuppers will be your best friends. Obviously you can’t leave food frozen for a long time, but maybe having a tupperware with leftover vegetables or some boiled eggs will definitely save you from trouble. You protect the environment by not wasting anything and throwing it away and at the same time you save on cooking again.

Ribs and Fries
Ribs and Fries© Nathaly

6. Visit the Mensa

The „Mensa“ always saves my life when I don’t have time to cook and i’m stressed about college stuff. It is generally close to campus, and the prices are quite affordable. Even if you feel that later you won’t have time to cook either, you can take a tupperware and buy a meal there for later.

If you visit a cafe near your university or a restaurant, it is always good to ask if they have any type of discount. Generally in cafés, by showing your university credential, you get discounts and have access to some promotions.

Two coffee cups
Two coffee cups©Nathaly

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