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How's the dorms life?

Considered an accessible and practical option, what is the reality of living in university apartments? Here, through the eyes of an student that lived an almost 4 years there. The peak moments and aspects and the not so shinny side of the Students Dorms.

“Dorms Life is what you make it”

First, I will talk specifically about the student rooms where I live. I will divide it into sections that I think are important to mention:

  • So firstly: How big are the rooms?

For me, the size of my apartment and my room were perhaps a little smaller than what I was used to in Peru, but over time I got used to it and I even ended up liking how practical it was. Small space = less time and effort to clean and organize. It has all the essentials, some furniture like a closet, a table, a chair and some shelves. The windows position is one of the things that I liked the most. The rooms size of every apartment are different and also have different prices. But overall I would say that the price = service relation is pretty accurate. Here a picture of my room in Winter, I loved the fact that I could move my furniture the way I wanted to make it look cozier.

Dorms bathroom
Dorms bathroom© Nathaly

Our dorms bathroom had everything essential. A typical bathroom with cool lightning. Never had problems with it or anything so we actually don't have any critic about it. And for three girls it was actually cozy.

  • And what about the kitchen?

Well, I know a lot of people prioritize the kitchen over all the other areas of the house. Included myself. I enjoy cooking a lot and its important to my that my “work space” can be big enough and comfortable enough for me to use it. I can only say that although in the pictures it maybe looks a little small, this kitchen does not lack of anything primordial. I think is pretty practical and of course also easy to clean and to keep organized. The fridge is also small but knowing the fact that we’re students, we don’t get to fill it, only in summer with ice cream but that’s it, so we don’t lac of space there.

The stove and oven work perfectly and the illumination is also adequate for the space. At the end it became ike the gathering point of me and my roommates, because due the fact that its a little small, we agreed the maybe would be better that just one of us cook for all of us and the others clean, which made it to just a save of money but also like a together-activity for us.

App group chat
App group chat© Nathaly

Feeling alone? Now, a subject that I really feel has to be discussed, that has nothing to do with the physical part. It is that personally I always felt accompanied, I knew that going down the stairs, I could ring the bell for one of my friends and if I needed something, they were very close. Unintentionally it is built as a small community. A wpp group was created where we could generally help each other, to use the washing machines, or if someone wanted to sell something, the important thing was how I felt that closeness that you acquire with your neighbors, which helps you not feel so alone.

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