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7 cheap things to do in Munich

Bavaria is known for its diverse landscapes, castles and historical monuments and typical dishes. In the region you will find one of the most important cities that is Munich, known for being very modern and “ fancy”, it is true that the prices are a little higher compared to other cities, but after living there for almost 3 months, I discovered the best low-priced activities and places to visit during your visit to Munich.

“Mia San Mia”

1. Visit the Olympia Park

The park is huge, it is not far from the city center, you can get there using the u-ban, s-bahn, bus or even riding a bicycle or a scooter. It’s great to relax, enjoy a good evening with your friends, meditate for a while or even do some sports such as volleyball or some card games. It has some restaurants nearby that are very cheap and the food is tasty and practical, very good price-service ratio. And not to forget: the view in evenings is amazing.

2. Enjoy a nice and crazy Ice cream

There’s so many great spots to get some fresh ice cream all over the city, doesn’t matter if its winter or summer, an ice cream is always a good idea, the price is really affordable, I personally like the one at the Ameliestrasse, which has the weirdest flavours to try, its even close to the LMU, where there’s many more Cafeterias with great attention and tasty Ice cream options.

Two ice cream cups
Two ice cream cups © Nathaly

3. Visit a Flea Market

For Thrift Shop and second-hand Lovers, on saturdays and some sundays there are second-hand markets throughout the whole city, mostly in some open parks, my favorites this summer were on Reitknechtstraße, where everything was sold until very late in the night and the one at Giesinger Grünspitz where there are vintage clothes and accessories, but of course there’s many more options, you just need it to google it and check when they will be open. Sometimes there’s even small Food trucks accompanying the flea market which makes the atmosphere way nicer.

4. Enjoy the view at the Hackerbrucke Bridge

this is one of my favorite places, it is known by everyone for the incredible view at sunset, people go there with their friends to relax, maybe have a drink, listen to some music or even have a mini picnic, it is completely free and the station the sbahn is directly next door, a great place to visit.

5. Take a bath at the Englischer Garten

So in Munich there’s a river called the Isar, this river cross the whole city and of course also through the Englischer Garten. So here you can either take a bath to refresh yourself, practice some surf (of course with pre knowledge) or just enjoy the show, drink something with friends, or maybe eat at the Biergartens or even do a picnic with friends, its full of chances. In Summer is particularly always crowded, but the atmosphere there its amazing.

6. Visit the Allianz Arena Stadium

Germany is known for its love of football, in munich there is one of the most famous and biggest stadiums in europe, illuminated with red lights, the allianz arena is not only a stadium, but a museum inside. you can see old Trikots, trophies and photos of football legends in the history of Germany, the entrance is a little expensive but I assure you it’s worth it. Even watching a game and feeling the emotion of soccer fans is also an unforgettable experience, you don’t need to be a Bayern fan, you just have to like soccer a little and I assure you that you will enjoy the experience.

7. Visit one of the many Breweries

For the Beer and good food lovers, I would definitely recommend you to go to any of the Brewerie in Munich to try some fresh beer and some Krustenbraten, its absolutely tasty. And for our veggie friends there’s also many options for you. The prices are affordable, and the attention is pretty good but you need to be careful because mostly those places are crowded, so make sure to not to got at rush hours. Theres even some breakfast and mid day meal options. Theres many all over the city, which you can reach using the Tram and Ubahn, or even walking through the city center.

PS: Read more about Munich .

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