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is a small university town where almost half of the population is students. The rooms in dormitories get filled up early, perhaps even before you can apply since you can only apply when you are accepted to the university.

Frankly, It’s normal here to send out so many applications to hear back from just a few, paying over 500 euros for a small room. I’ve been there, done that. So in this post, I’ll share what I did to look for housing in a city where you have way more demand than supply.

Prices in the suburbs overtaking the cities.

Student Housing Search Tip 1: Check the location of your university.

First, check the location of the university and learn about different districts. Some people like the busy city lifestyle whereas others prefer a quiet place away from the central location.

Briefly look at what’s available outside the campus, in the neighbouring towns. Although I agree that commuting can affect your mental health adversely, you can potentially commute to school depending on what’s available.

Student Housing Search Tip 2: Check the provincial/city boundary your student transit ticket is valid.

Use Google Maps to see the frequency and the length of the commute from nearby towns where you can commute with your student ticket. For example, Reutlingen is a town where students can commute while studying in Tuebingen. It’s 15 minutes train ride which runs quite frequently.

Student Housing Search Tip 3: Join FB group, your faculty events, international office housing chat, and keep reaching out to the international office and ASTA.

You can find your potential flatmates or even get introduced to someone who is looking to rent out a spare room. In the former case, contact the listings as a team and visit houses with your new friends. In the latter case, contact your friend’s friend’s friend who is looking for a flatmate and see if you like the room!

This is personally how i did. I went to an event to meet students in my friend’s faculty and somebody there knew somebody who had a spare room!

half-timbered houses © Vonderweiden/DAAD
Tübingen half-timbered houses© Vonderweiden/DAAD

Step 4: Send out as many applications as possible on WG gesucht and reply promptly.

When you go for a visit, make sure to ask about warm/cold rent, internet, deposit, and whether the furniture is included. Deposit is usually three months‘ rent in Germany, and you have to pay attention to the terms in your contract as they are binding. Remember to take a picture of everything when you move in, so that you won’t be liable for anything broken prior to you moving in.

Don’t be discouraged if people don’t reply to you. Trust me, it happens to everyone, nothing personal.


I hope you found me sharing my experience useful. Finally, I wrote multiple posts on as well as so feel free to check them out!

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Hello Amy. Your blog is very informative . We’re going through the same challenge, looking for a place for my daughter in Tübingen before classes start on Oct 12 . She received her acceptance Email just last Friday , 30.09.2022. So where did you end up settling down, in Tübingen or in the outskirts? If you know anyone looking for a housemate, we will appreciate the lead. Thank you again .

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Hi Lilian, We would also like to give you some brief information about "student housing in Germany". 😊 Finding accommodation as a student could prove to be very difficult. First: There are different types of accommodation for students in Germany. Student halls are most often the most popular choice, because they are much easier to find than a private accommodation and cheaper. Addresses of student halls can be found by using the dormitory search “Wohnheimfinder”. The Accommodation Finder on our website is a helpful tool to obtain information about various student residences in your university town. In case you do not find your university there, please contact the local student service organisation (Studentenwerk; or the International Office ( of the university you have chosen. Good luck and best wishes, Your SiG-Team 👋🇩🇪

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