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When I first moved to Germany 2

When you immigrate you’ll go through some changes. And they might be hard but they will build you and make you a strong person. So don’t feel disappointed when your life is not in order. Look at it with a positive perspective because in the end it’ll pass and you become stronger and better.

Road in Germany
Road in Germany© Mehrsan

My first two weeks

When I moved to Germany I was not ready for it. My Visa came on 09.01.2022 and my entrance exam for the preparatory course was on 15.01. I had five days to say farewell to my family and friends and also my country, accept the situation, buy the ticket, get everything ready, pack my bags and move to a foreign country where I didn’t have a place to stay, but the worst part was the fact that I wasn’t ready for the exam. I wasn’t mentally ready for the changes. I said to myself whenever it happens, I’ll get ready for it. My attitude was wrong. I should have prepared myself. That became a very important part of my life since. Nowadays I’m always looking into my future and trying to be prepared for the things that are going to come my way.  Anyway from the airport, I took the train to Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof which is a scary part of the city. I had to stay in a hotel near Hauptbahnhof. So my first two weeks were disappointing. I didn’t know it was a bad neighborhood then. I liked the hotel. it was small and friendly and I enjoyed the taste of coffee the thin waitress was pouring into my cup every morning. I also loved the bread. there was a basket of different kinds on each table. Although almost everyone had company, I enjoyed being this weird little lonely dark-headed girl who could’ve found a place before arrival so that her life would be more organized but she didn’t. I never even had to find a place in my own country. The truth is finding a place, applying for a German university, and speaking in German all become easy after you do them. Before you try them out, they all seem far away and impossible. That taught me a valuable lesson. Don’t estimate and judge things before doing them instead just do them ahead of time and then evaluate whether they’re hard or easy. Don’t be scared of the things you haven’t tried yet. 

I took my entrance exam not seriously. I thought it would be a piece of cake but it wasn’t. The exam might not be so complicated but there are a huge number of participants and that makes it pretty competitive. I didn’t know it then but to get in, I simply had to try as hard as I could. Goethe university took only 17 students for M-Kurs. this reminded me of one of the greatest pieces of advice my high school math teacher gave me. She said, “you prepare yourself for the hardest, and it won’t matter what comes in your way because you’ll be ready for everything.”

prepare yourself for the hardest, and it won’t matter what comes in your way because you’ll be ready for everything.

City life in the morning
City life in the morning© Mehrsan

Fitting in

Immigration means leaving everything behind, everything. accepting that you don’t have those things anymore can be a challenge. You leave your home, your family, your language, your room, your friends, and also a lot of your stuff. And you have to fill their places with new things and in a new environment. 

At some point, I even felt confused about food. On one hand, I wanted to try new foods, on the other hand, I missed my homeland foods which are not easy to find with the same quality here. I know it’s not an important issue but it’s part of life, therefore it comes to attention.

As someone who immigrated, I’m not able to be accepted effortlessly. I should try to earn my way in. everything is a little more difficult in a foreign country than in your own. That builds you up real nice. Being cool in each country is different from another. There’s a cultural difference that I need to adapt to. Some things might be considered rude in Iran that are normal here and vice versa. And there’s a lot that I need to get informed about. For instance, I don’t know anything about German funerals or politics. When I was looking for a WG, not knowing the language made me feel limited and in some cases stupid. When you can’t speak what’s exactly in your mind, it can be frustrating. 

 It takes time and patience to fit in. things you never worried about or didn’t even notice in your country will be an issue to consider. It all teaches you a lot. You’ll be more patient and independent. In the end, you’ll have more experience and you’ll be able to speak German and live in Germany and see it as your second home. it’ll make you a better and stronger person. 

A ship in Main river
A ship in Main river© Mehrsan

I love Germany

In spite of all the problems, I love Germany so much. It opens a door full of new opportunities and experiences. I love and enjoy getting to know people and their cultures. I love how they don’t fake it. In comparison to my country, people are so much more honest in Germany and they mean what they say. I love this about them. I love their festivals and how they dress freely. I love the fact that I’m learning a new language whilst living in a country where everyone speaks it. I’m so happy with my decision to move to this wonderful country and can’t wait to know it better.

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