Testimonial Mehrsan from Iran in front of pink background
Mehrsan from Iran© DAAD/Henning Ross

Fact Sheet

First name: Mehrsan
Country of origin: Iran
Year of birth: 1999
Field of study: Studienkolleg
German university: 
University location: Hannover
Type of stay: Studies 
I have been writing for the blog since: August 2022
My hobbies and interests: exercise, writing, reading, photography, science, traveling

About Mehrsan

I am a student who came to Germany to pursue my dreams. I love learning and challenges. I want to have a valuable life. And I want to share my journey of building my life in Germany with you. Knowing someone else’s experiences and struggles can make the path easier, smoother, and less scary for you.

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Half-timbered houses in the Nonnengasse © Nagel/DAAD
Half-timbered houses in the Nonnengasse© Nagel/DAAD
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Central Germany+4


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Museum Fridericianum Kassel© leafnode/wikicommons
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Marburg Landgrave's Castle © Nagel/DAAD
Marburg Landgrave's Castle© Nagel/DAAD
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