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Unlimited travel for 49 Euros a month: Deutschlandticket!

Doesn't matter if you are already using it or hearing about it for the first time, here are my best tips and tricks to make the most out of your 49 Euro ticket or the Deutschlandticket:

Hamburg central Station
Hamburg Hauptbahnhof© Can

What is this 49 Euro ticket?

The Deutschlandticket is a permanently available subscription that costs 49 EUR and can be cancelled monthly. The ticket is valid nationwide for local and regional transport. This includes bus lines, trams, subways, S-Bahns, regional trains, regional express trains, and also on some ferries such as those in Hamburg and Berlin. It also applies to regional rail transport (Regionalbahn, Regional Express, and InterRegioExpress), but not to long-distance and high-speed trains. An exception is long-distance trains that are released for local transport. The ticket is available through the mobile app „DB Navigator“ of the national railway company, as well as on the websites and apps of transportation associations and regional transport companies. It can also be purchased at the customer service centres of transport companies and transportation associations.

Is there a cheaper option for students?

As a student, you probably own a semester ticket from your university. Due to this, you can get a 49 EUR ticket only by paying the fare difference between the monthly cost of your semester ticket and the Deutschlandticket. Moreover, the student unions are in the process of negotiating a country wide semester ticket.

Do you have any recommendations on what to do with it?

Oh yes, I do. First of all, here are my personal favourite scenic stretches of Germany’s railways that you can experience with the ticket:

  1. Koblenz-Trier: along the river Mosel you get to see extremely beautiful valleys filled with castles, vineyards, and historic towns, which makes it perhaps the most breathtaking train journey in the entire country.
  2. Hamburg-Sylt: this long journey takes you from the second largest city of Germany (Hamburg) to the northernmost point of Germany (the island of Sylt) via the typical North German marsh landscapes, crosses the North-Baltic Sea Canal on the gigantic Hochdonn high bridge and crosses the North Sea with the eleven-kilometre-long Hindenburgdamm.
  3. Halle – Erfurt: besides the views of the thick forests and untouched landscapes of Thuringia, what makes this journey so special is crossing the Saale-Elster-Bridge, with a length of almost 9 kilometres it holds the title of the longest train bridge of Europe.
  4. Harzer Schmalspurbahn: this little stretch in the Harz mountains of the north still use centuries old engines and cars, making you feel like riding the Hogwarts Express, while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the Harz mountains, my favourite nature getaway.
Sunrise from Sternschanze train station in Hamburg
Sunrise from Sternschanze station (Hamburg).© Can

International travel

Now that we covered my favourite rail journeys, let me give you a final tip: did you know that you can use the Deutschlandticket to go travel abroad? Yes, that is right! You can’t go very far, but it is still a fun day trip idea. You can travel to the following countries and destinations via regional transport:

  1. Belgium: Kelmis
  2. Denmark: Tonder
  3. France: Wissembourg, Creutzwald, Carling
  4. Luxembourg: Luxembourg
  5. Netherlands: Venlo, Hengelo, Enschede, Arnhem
  6. Austria: Salzburg, Kufstein
  7. Poland: Swinoujscie, Zgorzelec
  8. Switzerland: Basel, Schaffhausen
  9. Czechia: Hradek nad Nisou, Vejprty

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