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And how do you celebrate International Women's Day?

International Women's Day on March 8 is an important holiday celebrated worldwide. It is a day dedicated to the celebration of women's achievements and the promotion of gender equality.

Three gifts wrapped in colorful wrapping paper with red bows.
Three gifts wrapped in colorful wrapping paper with red bows.© LiLit

In Armenia, International Women’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Even though Soviet times are long gone, the country continues to celebrate some Soviet holidays, including Women’s Day. On this day, women are showered with gifts, flowers, and perfumes, and the celebrations can be quite extravagant. I remember how my classmates present gifts to all the girls in our class on this day. It was a tradition that we all looked forward to, and it created a sense of camaraderie among us. In many families, it is a tradition to give gifts to mothers, sisters, and girlfriends on this day. Personally, I always make an effort to participate in the festivities by purchasing gifts for my mother, sister, and girlfriend. The gifts may vary each year, but the sentiment behind them remains the same – to show my appreciation and love for the women in my life.

However, the holiday’s significance goes beyond gift-giving and celebrations. It is a day to recognize the struggles and achievements of women throughout history and to call for an end to gender discrimination and inequality. March 8 is a reminder that women’s rights are human rights and that gender equality is essential for a just and fair society. To emphasize this point, let’s remember the story of Rosa Luxemburg. She was a Polish socialist and feminist who fought for women’s rights and was a prominent figure in the German communist movement. She was arrested and executed for her beliefs in 1919. Her legacy continues to inspire women around the world to fight for their rights and for a better future.

A huge bouquet of colorful roses.
A huge bouquet of colorful roses.© LiLit

In addition to International Women’s Day, Armenia also celebrates Motherhood and Beauty Day on April 7, making March 8 to April 7 a Women’s Month at the state level. This shows the country’s commitment to promoting women’s rights and celebrating their achievements. Unfortunately, in Germany, March 8 is not considered a holiday and is not widely celebrated. This is disappointing because Germany has a long history of feminist activism and has produced many remarkable women who have made significant contributions to society. Nevertheless, there are still some feminist campaigns and events organized on this day to raise awareness about women’s rights and gender inequality.

In conclusion, International Women’s Day is an important holiday that should be celebrated not only with gifts and festivities, but also with a commitment to promoting women’s rights and gender equality. It is a reminder that we still have a long way to go to achieve true gender equality and that we must continue to fight for a just and fair society where everyone has equal opportunities and rights. Overall, International Women’s Day is a special occasion that I hold close to my heart. It is a reminder to cherish the women in my life and to continue fighting for gender equality. I hope that more countries around the world will recognize the importance of this day and celebrate it with the same enthusiasm and commitment as we do in Armenia.

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