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City of Art

I’ve been to Darmstadt thrice. Thus far it has always been the station I land at when Offenburg gets too much to handle. I’ve always had friends of my parents pick me and my brother up here, and later drop us off. And it’s also the first station I travelled to by myself after arriving in Germany.

Besides that, Darmstadt is a city known for it’s art and is located in southwest Germany.

Some of the iconic landmarks that I visited include Mathildenhöhe, Hochzeitsturm (The Wedding Tower), Museum Künstlerkolonie, Waldspirale and the Russian Chapel.

Unique artistic touch and design

The wedding tower, 48 meters high and built in 1905, was a beautiful landmark. Once you climbed up the 196 steps to the top, you could look down at the city and the panoramic view was fantastic. The whole building had a very romantic touch to it.

The Waldspirale, a residential building complex designed by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and implemented by architect Heinz M. Springmann, was also a beautiful sight. The residential complex consists of 105 apartments, a playground for kids and a small lake. From a distance, this delightful piece of architecture looked like a layered cake with multiple flavors.

We also walked through the lanes of housing and if I remember correctly, each house had a unique artistic touch and design.🎨

I always arrive at the Darmstadt bahnhof with joy and excitement and I always leave the Darmstadt bahnhof with loads of happy memories and BROWNIES too🍫🍮🍪🖤

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an amazing town to visit and is well worth a few nights stay.

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Thank you! ◕◡◕

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