🍴Zeus Palast (Greek food)

This is a Greek restaurant located in the city center. The food is great – lots of meat on the menu! The décor is warm and cozy, and the service great. It’s a good idea to make a reservation before going, but I’ve never had problems getting a seat even without one.

🍴Pizzeria Ristorante Italia (Italian food)

This is a small restaurant located on the street that leads to the cinema. The menu includes spaghetti, tortellini, pizza, rice, soup and desserts. My favorite item off the menu is “Risotto ai Gamberetti”, rice with shrimps and tomato. As far as I know, reservations are not needed.

🍴Taj Tandoori (Indian/Pakistani food)

This restaurant is located a bit further from the city center. It is fairly large and decorated in a monotonous color of white and blue with a few Mughal paintings on the wall. I’m not sure if I ordered the wrong item or what… but for someone very familiar with authentic Pakistani cuisine, the food was pretty bad. I never gave this place a second chance.

🍴Burger Marie (Fast food)

Located right next door to the cinema, this was one of the first places I ate out in. Burgers are the specialty, other items include side snacks, salads and drinks. The décor is great with huge windows that give a full view of the streets outside. There are seats with swings, which I always wanted to get but are always occupied…

All restaurants have official websites where the menu and opening/closing times can be found. Enjoy! 🥗

(P.S. For a guide on where to have Chinese food in Offenburg check out one of my old blog posts–>https://www-study-in-germany-de.daad.com/blog/life/a-guide-to-eating-out-in-offenburg-the-chinese-cuisine/) 🍜

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