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Senior Service

Senior service afternoon tea
Senior service afternoon tea© Rumeng

lovely little afternoon

The Senior Service is a program initiated by the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the City of Offenburg. It’s members are local citizens who are interested in fostering intercultural understanding and they organize city tours and informal get-togethers to give students the opportunity to discuss topics of everyday life in Germany🇩🇪 and Offenburg. The program was even awarded a prize for its volunteer commitment🏆. I always hear students around me talk about how helpful and friendly members of the senior service are, and I can say from personal experience that that is absolutely true💕. They are always ready to talk to you and get to know you.

I was recently invited to have afternoon tea at the home of a really sweet lady of the senior service🏡. She always answers my queries whenever I have any and is always ready to brief me with German culture and facts which I enjoy a lot. For afternoon tea, she baked chocolate cake with cherries🍰 which tasted fantastic, together with coffee☕. I learnt a lot from her again, not just Germany-facts this time, but even about it’s neighbour, France🇫🇷. Knowing I love travelling, she also showed me routes and train options to take.🚄

I had a lovely little afternoon this super friendly lady.☀☀☀

View of a street in Ortenburg
View of a street in Ortenburg© Rumeng

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