Winter this year was exceptionally warm and snowed just a very few times. But towards the end it got bone-chilling cold, and when it was long past time for spring to kick in, winter just couldn’t decide if it wanted to stay or leave. So we had temperatures as low as 0°C in a full blown March in Offenburg.

But it seems like the long winter season finally decided it was time to leave and make way for some warmth and sunshine as temperatures finally hit 20°C in just one day. I wonder if that’s still spring… or summer already. But I did notice last year as well, that the spring season was a very short one.

Having experienced all four seasons in Offenburg, I can conclude that the weather here is fairly mild, not extreme. Winter is cold, but not that cold. Summer is hot, but not scorching hot. Autumn is beautiful and comfortable – and is a much longer season that spring. Spring is short, but you know it’s here because the weather instantly changes from cold to warm and you can see the flowers blooming.

Food representing the four seasons
Food representing the four seasons© Rumeng

Semester 4 has begun… and we are two months into it. Every semester has given me a surprise that I did not expect. The only surprise I want from this semester is to finish with and pass the exams of the few lethal core subjects that remain.

Returning to school after the holidays is also a time of exchanging presents. I brought my friends a few souvenirs from China – post cards, the traditional Chinese knot, landmark magnets, and so forth. My friends also gifted me beautiful souvenirs from their holidays – as much as I treasure their lovely gifts, I treasure their intention and thought even more.

Finally, here’s to hoping this won’t be too difficult a season and semester! Cheers🍻🍻

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Pictures of the grocery shopping for the dinner as well as the preparation
Pictures of the grocery shopping for the dinner as well as the preparation© Rumeng
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