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Baking a Black Forest Cake

The first month of school has been crazy busy but all that busy has made it the most productive month – I have never multitasked so much and gotten so many things done in a single month simultaneously. And I have never appreciated time so much. #HonourableMention

Nevertheless I am still looking forward to less busy days so I can focus more on things that I really have to (and enjoy).

Weekends this month have been about getting together and have been a joy and lots of fun.

This weekend a member of the senior service invited my friends and I over to bake a black forest cake together and have coffee. I was very excited about it because I have never baked anything before and wanted to learn how it was done.

Baking the Cake

Ingredients: Cake,  Cream, Cherry, Chocolate.

To save time, the cake was a ready-made one from the supermarket. We then boiled the cherries and allowed it to cool for a bit before spreading it onto the layers of cake. Then we whipped the cream and spread it on top of the cherries. Later we piled the layers on top of each other and spread cream on the top of the cake before decorating it with sticky cherries and finishing off with chocolate sparkles. It tasted great! 😍 As good as the ones sold in bakeries if not better. 😍


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