My second semester unveiled by picking my friend up from the FlixBus Station🚌 and meeting up with another friend for a fast-food dinner🍔🍟 which was lots of fun. After which we got candies and chocolate🍫 from our friend who had just returned from Hamburg, and then went on to watch a Chinese movie💻 which turned out to be incredibly interesting despite a 5.5 rating only. I couldn’t have known a better way to start the next four months.🌟

Candies - #Chocolate #Candies #Presents
Candies - #Chocolate #Candies #Presents© Rumeng

The first week of classes seemed to go incredibly smooth as well and were actually interesting… My German teacher whom I was kind of scared of, because she spoke too fast, and I couldn’t understand anything, when I sat in her class for a day last semester before deciding to drop down a level, turned out to be extremely interesting and friendly this semester and I could understand her so much better and easier.

I even found my Media Integration class interesting, which is definitely a first.😱

A Burger King menu - #Dinner #Fast-Food #BurgerKing
A Burger King menu - #Dinner #Fast-Food #BurgerKing© Rumeng

I have a lot of things to cross off this semester, and even though it’s just the very beginning of the semester, the stress has already started to build. At the moment, I am pretty clueless how I’ll get through all the work I need to do, but I know, somehow, in the end, I will. So here’s to another memorable semester to be!😍💕💕

🎀Viel Glück to myself 🎀💖

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