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A perfect weather for barbecue activity

Good food and good stories are best shared with great people!

Lots of grilled meat on a charcoal grill.
Lots of grilled meat on a charcoal grill.© Rainer

We had a great time on our grill party. We were not only sharing food but also stories and laughter.


It’s grilling time!

Living here in Germany for almost a year now and witnessing how the weather changes, sometimes it will rain and sometimes it is sunny. It is unpredictable weather here and you will just get used to it.

Maybe I adapted on the weather and even on the German attitude, that if the weather is so great, everyone is going out for a walk in the nearest park, riding their bikes, and even bringing out their grills to have a barbeque.

This barbeque gathering was really a cancelled and postponed activity of ours.

As a Filipino, we have this saying, it is nicer to do spontaneous and it will happen, than to plan it and you will see that it will not happen at all.

It was a Sunday afternoon that everyone agreed to make this barbeque activity into reality.

It was interesting to see that even in grilling there were differences in Filipino and German barbecque.

I had observed that in Germany, they only put salt, pepper and a lot of herbs and spices on their meats. They only grill pork, chicken, beef, and bratwurst.

For us Filipinos, we grill all. Chicken, pork, beef and even the whole fish. We do marinated meat so that it will be tastier and more delicious.

Both versions of meat was pleasant and enjoyable to eat. It was shared to everyone. And it is surprising that some Germans they do not like to eat fish with the head on. They like to eat it if it is fillet or without the head.

We had a great time on our grill party. We were not only sharing food but also stories and laughter. It was really a great sunny  weather to have barbeque party.

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