Be Ready!

It is currently examination period, and all of us are eagerly studying all the lessons in our modules. This is the time to demonstrate our knowledge in our study programmes.

German education uses various types of assessments, including written examinations, oral examinations, symposia, group projects, and others.

As I review for my upcoming oral and written examinations, I am considering sharing how I am preparing for them with you.

Firstly, prepare a concise reviewer or notes based on your understanding of each lesson in your modules. This may help in recalling the teachings or lessons in your own words.

Secondly, share your lectures or reviews with your classmates. You might be surprised to find that it benefits them as well, potentially providing additional insights into the subject matter. It can also help you identify any missed lessons on specific topics.

Filipino students in the library
Rainer is in the library with his fellow students, who are also Filipino© Rainer

Thirdly, form a study group. This is particularly helpful for reviewing lessons or modules. You can schedule specific times and days for meetings, focusing on different subjects each session.

Lastly, ensure you get enough proper sleep. Reviewing for examinations can be quite tedious as we strive to succeed in our study programmes. Sufficient sleep will energize you and enhance your productivity the next day.

Always remember, with proper preparation, we will all succeed!

Aim High! Soar High!


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