Christmas Season

Christmas is one of the most anticipated seasons for Filipinos, and our celebrations begin long before December arrives. We kick off the festive spirit as early as September, the entire Philippines comes alive with vibrant decorations, and Christmas trees light up homes across the country.

Currently residing and studying in Germany, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in the unique traditions and culture of this beautiful country. Let me share with you my firsthand experience of celebrating Christmas in Germany!


Rainer is standing in the snow and you can see the UCB building in the background.
Rainer is standing in the snow and you can see the UCB building in the background.© Rainer

Coming from a tropical country with only two seasons – the rainy season and the sunny season – my first encounter with snow in Germany felt truly magical. The child in me couldn’t contain the giggles as I marveled at the enchanting white landscape all around.

A heartwarming invitation to a German Christmas lunch added to the joy of the season. The atmosphere was delightful, and the table setting was a sight to behold. Who could resist the charm of my first German Christmas lunch and the exquisite arrangements they had!

German Christmas Lunch
German Christmas Lunch© Rainer
German Christmas Market
German Christmas Market© Rainer

Exploring the German Christmas market was another highlight. Each market is a unique representation of the local culture and traditions. Hot chocolate warmed both children and adults as they strolled through the market. The German pommes, a typical food stall, attracted long queues of eager visitors.

Gluhwein, a popular drink, added warmth to the chilly winter evenings.

Glüwhein© Rainer

For the little ones, the carousel provided endless joy, while the claw machine remained a personal favorite of mine, even if I never managed to catch anything. (Hahahah!)

Claw machine
Claw machine© Rainer

Above all, what stood out was the intimate feeling of German Christmas. From the intricately decorated spaces to the warm invitations to Christmas lunch or dinner, my experience of celebrating Christmas in Germany was truly unforgettable.

Frohe Weihnachten!

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