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Fête de la Musique 2018

One of the many benefits of studying in Offenburg is, you are just 30 minutes away from the French city, Strasbourg. Imagine being able to land in another country in just half an hour by train – it’s pretty cool. A week or so ago, we received an email from one of our professors who stays in Strasbourg, that there was going to be a music festival held there, and it is held annually on the 21st of June. Naturally, that sounded like fun to my friend and I, and we are always ready to hop on board anything fun and new.

Stage of an concert #FêteDeLaMusique2018
Stage of an concert #FêteDeLaMusique2018© Rumeng Open fig caption

This would be my third time in Strasbourg. Just like every other time, I am always drawn to the amazing sense of fashion of the French people, from the little children to the grandmothers – every time I am in Strasbourg I feel fashion is a big part of the culture and it just seems to come so naturally to them. Everyone is flawless at expressing themselves through their outfits.

As you walk along the streets, you will see bands making their own music with a fair amount of audience, but the crowds got bigger and bigger as the evening dawned. By the time we left the city at around 8pm it was pretty hard to walk through the streets because there were so many people.


I think the band that I remember the best was not really a band but just one person playing music in front of a restaurant with just two audiences – but it’s those two people that left the biggest impression – because everyone else was sitting at the tables and dining, but the two of them were just there standing in front of the musician and completely into the moment dancing to the music, oblivious of whatever was going on around them. I think that was really beautiful.

Also worth mentioning is, we tried out an amazing sushi restaurant. It was so good that I just have to give it a place in my blog entry. The service was amazing, and the food was super tasty and fun! And not to mention, there were chopsticks and it was so good to hold that chopsticks and to see everyone around working that chopstick like a pro.

When I got back home and posted my day on social media, someone asked me if I like Germany or France better, and it really wasn’t a hard question at all. I like Germany better for so many reasons – like I always say, I haven’t been to many cities here yet, so I only speak for the places that I have been to – I enjoy how peaceful it is here, I enjoy the whole friendly atmosphere, I enjoy how simple yet sophisticated everything is.


Sum it up in one sentence, I think this is a truly beautiful country ♡


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