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This has been the wildest exam period ever

Where to begin?

It’s been exactly a week since my exams ended and this has been the wildest exam period ever. Starting from June I had started to study for my exams and planned to take 4 subjects initially but towards the end I had to drop 1 subject because I wanted to concentrate on the remaining 3. Needless to say the subjects remaining at this point are the ones I find extremely difficult.

Either ways to make sure we get them out of the way, my friends and I studied through the nights for two weeks straight working our way through concepts and past examination questions together. Staying at the university till 12AM midnight and crashing at each other’s places to study. We’d barely have any time to prepare meals so we’d switch between getting Thai food and getting a Doner. To keep awake, we’d make a toast over energy drinks hoping it’d give us a little more time before we collapse and sleep off.

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Those two weeks I had really seen every hour of the night 12AM, 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM, 5AM and watched the sky gradually get brighter and brighter till it was 7AM and we’d finally get some rest before we repeat.

But no one knows this was exactly the kind of distraction I needed from my emotions, something to keep me so busy I don’t have time to think and feel the pain.

On exam day, we’d wake up 30 or 40 minutes before start time and one of my friends would make us a quick breakfast and then chewing on an apple or a peach, we’d ride to school on our bicycles. Many many beautiful memories and fun moments were created amidst the unreal workload we had.

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The most beautiful thing is when hard work pays off. I now have two subjects out of my way already and am just waiting for the result of the last subject to be published before I can take a sigh of relief. I couldn’t have done all this without us pushing each other and motivating each other and am beyond grateful for all the help I received.

I have always admired one of my friends who cleared 8 subjects in a single semester. I know that requires extra ordinary willpower and hard work. But now I have another friend to look up to who cleared 5 difficult subjects in one go under so much pressure. All this gives me lots of courage and motivation for the next semester where I will have an impossible amount of work to do. But now I know I can make it because surviving this semester was just as impossible a task and look where we are now.

A huge thank you to the people who inspire and motivate me and keep me going.

Happy Summer Vacations🌞 🌞 🌞 It’s time to recharge.

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