Visiting Gengenbach 

The houses were so pretty and I loved the architecture and design – they looked exactly like the houses that I had always wanted to pose in front of. Each house had a similar pattern yet different design which made it very interesting.

Visiting Gengenbach during the Christmas season has the bonus of being able to enjoy the Christmas Market, the festive atmosphere and to see the all-famous advent calendar house. And I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to witness the opening of the 20th door.

But what impressed me even more than everything above was the amazing university campus. It was so beautiful I don’t think any word would do it justice. On the outside, it looked normal, different from the average university building but still normal, however when you open those heavy wooden doors, in front of you lies one of the prettiest possible places to study at. The amazing décor and the wooden steps that cringe as you step onto them, the staircase and the rails. ♡_♡  School couldn’t get more romantic than this.

I would definitely want to go back to this lovely town and explore more places like it soon.

Inside of buidling of Hochschule Offenburg, Campus Gengenbach
Inside of buidling of Hochschule Offenburg, Campus Gengenbach© Rumeng

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