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Walking on ice!

I came to Germany from Bangladesh. Our country has warm, humid climatic conditions. I am used to walking on a scorching sunny day on the warm black, pitched road. We did not even go to our school or university when it rains heavily just to enjoy the rainy weather from home.

I never walk on snowy or icy surfaces in our country due to weather conditions.

My journey begins,

Rheinland Palatinate in Germany experienced severe weather conditions on January, 2024. I was heading toward my university on a very snowy day in January. I did not expect that I would not walk properly because of this slippery, icy surface all over the place. I slowly and carefully reached the central station to catch the train. I took some pictures of my foot steps on the way to central station. It is like a very old lady walking with a shaky leg on the road!

Going back again?

When I reached my university’s city Landau, I was surprised to see the view. I only saw a few people walking in a white, icy city. It was all over the place; everything was white and full of ice due to heavy snow.

My hands were freezing, and I was about to return immediately to take another train back to my house. But then I remembered I had a very important class and should better attend it. So my walk to remember starts again.

Due to the black ice warning and harsh weather, there was no bus service from the central station to the university. You should thank your taxi and rickshaw puller a thousand times in your country; you can easily hire them for a short distance. In Germany, the first experience you must gain is walking, even if it takes 30-40 minutes to reach your destination. I slipped so many times and fell three times on my way to university.

Still, I was happy, and I was not alone. I saw many other students fall on the icy surface. Some people were standing beside the road and watching us with smiley faces. They also fell and waited to see who else could fall down! It was funny.

So finally, after 35-40 minutes of walking, I reached my university, fortunately uninjured. It was one of my most memorable days in life.

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Panorama of Saarbrücken © Wolfgang Staudt Fotografie/flickr
Panorama of Saarbrücken© Wolfgang Staudt Fotografie/flickr


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